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Offering Coaching and Support for Addiction and Substance Abuse Recovery

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Addicted2Wellness: Recovery & Wellness Blog

Welcome to Addicted2Wellness

This website and blog is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of the individual who struggles with substance use disorder, addiction and/or mental health issues and for the people who are affected by those who are struggling.

No one chooses to abuse substances or have addiction or mental health issues. If it was that simple, if it were a choice, none of these issues would be problems. These issues all aspects of their self as a person, a part of society, and in every way they live.

The aim here is to support people with addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues through education, information, and useful tips, describing situations and experiences, and providing resources. The intent here is to be part of a solution that creates more self-acceptance for the person who struggles daily with something that negatively impacts all aspects of their life.

This site has been created to serve as a platform to promote wellness as an integral part of recovery and as a means of creating greater awareness and understanding about substance misuse, addictive behaviors, and mental health.

Recovery is often rough, but you don’t have to travel alone. Hold on to hope, gratitude, and willingness; it gets smoother and easier the further you travel.

The mission; is to empower individuals by focusing on their unique strengths and to help guide them to safely achieving their goals to create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle in which they thrive.

The goal is thriving, not just surviving.